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Pink contraceptive pills (marked 'PD') in a circular blue plastic dispenser.

Reproductive Rights in the US: Timeline

Protections and regulations around contraception and abortion have been subject to laws and legislation in the U.S. since the 1800s. Prior to 1821, abortions were generally accessible and were often performed by midwives, as well as doctors. That changed as women’s reproductive more

A Brink's truck seen parked outside the Lufthansa cargo terminal, near the pickup and delivery platform, at JFK Airport the day after the heist. On the Friday before the crime, a Brink's truck was to have picked up a large sum of cash at the building, but the driver left the money behind when he was informed that a Lufthansa foreman he was supposed to meet was busy, police said. On 12/11, a band of masked raiders stormed into the cargo terminal and bagged a reported $5.8 million. The U.S. currency, all used bills for which authorities have no serial numbers, was being shipped to the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York from Commerz Bank in Frankfurt, West Germany.

How the 1978 Lufthansa Heist Led to a Trail of Dead Bodies

On December 11, 1978, six masked, armed men burst into the Lufthansa Airlines cargo terminal at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport during a graveyard shift and robbed $5.8 million in cash and jewels, the largest heist in U.S. history at the time. No shots were more

Gettysburg Battlefield National Park, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

9 Events That Led to the Civil War

After the American Revolution, a divide between the North and South began to widen. Industrialized northern states gradually passed laws freeing enslaved people, while southern states became increasingly committed to slavery. Many southerners came to view slavery as a linchpin more